Viral 3-legged bear that enjoyed White Claws returns to another Florida home to open another fridge

Tripod, the 3-legged bear who recently went viral for opening a fridge and drinking three White Claws outside a Florida family's home in their lanai, has returned for some more drinks. 

The bear was spotted once again on camera in the backyard of another Central Florida home.

A new video shows the three-legged bear going onto another porch of a home in Heathrow. 

The man who lives there sent FOX 35 the video from his back porch. It shows the bear wandering around and getting a little curious. 

The bear then opened up the refrigerator before wandering off. 

This is at least the third time we have heard of this bear opening up the fridge. In previous instances, it has taken some adult beverages.

A few weeks ago, a Lake Mary mother Josaury Faneite Diglio, shared multiple videos with FOX 35 News showing the bear, which had a noticeable limp, wandering around her driveway and later near the family's pool. 

The bear appeared to have entered the home through a screened-in lanai in the backyard, photos showed. 

"Oh my God, look at him," Diglio's son could be heard saying in one of the videos as the bear rummaged through a cabinet by the pool. "This is crazy!" he added, capturing the bizarre encounter on his cellphone.

Diglio said the bear even accessed her outdoor refrigerator and helped itself to three of her White Claw hard seltzer beverages.