VIDEO: Woman accused of kicking cake allegedly hits clerk at ice cream shop

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First she allegedly drop kicked a birthday cake at Kroger, now the same woman is accused of getting violent over ice cream.

She's accused of assaulting an employee at Ray's Ice Cream in Royal Oak after they ran out of her favorite flavor in July of 2015. She was expected to turn herself today and is expected to be arraigned in the ice cream incident.

Employee Josh Beard says he was the first to see 46-year-old Tricia Kortes enter Ray's ice cream.

"She came in and she wanted Mackinac Island Fudge, and we just didn't happen to have it, we needed to make a new batch," he said. "She was infuriated that we did not have it.

The entire assault was caught by security cameras.

"'(She said) 'How can you not have Mackinac Island Fudge, how is that possible, how is that bleeping possible?'" Beard said. "She didn't settle. She insisted that we had it somewhere and we were hiding it.

"She got more and more agitated, started screaming at me, cursing me out, at which point, Linda came over and told her to lay off.

"The lady starts screaming at Linda, telling her the customer is always right and all that fun stuff. Then Linda says, you know, if you keep acting like this, you don't get any ice cream. And throws her ice cream back in the freezer."

Then, the assault. The woman can be seen on video reaching over the counter, whacking the employee on the head, causing her to bleed. She called police.

"She jumped over the counter and hit me in the head," said Linda Wallner. "She moved her ring and hit me right here."

The incident happened in July 2015. There was no way for Linda and the other employees to identify her attacker until pictures surfaced of the woman who allegedly also drop-kicked her son's birthday cake at the Bloomfield Township Kroger last June. Linda called police again and filed a civil lawsuit.

"Nobody should ever put their hands on anybody," Wallner said. "Especially at an ice cream parlor. You're supposed to be really happy here. I just hope she'll be accountable for her actions and she gets the help she needs."

This is not Kortes' first or second run in with the law. According to Troy police, officers were called to her workplace in March of 2015, for report of assault and battery for shoving a co-worker and hitting her with a cell phone. She was fined $500 and given 60 days to complete six sessions of anger management. Court records also show she was convicted on 4th degree assault charges in King County, Washington in 2003. She served 3 days of jail time and 134 hours of  community service.

FOX 2 stopped by Kortes' house for comment. The people at Ray's knew we are headed to her house to try to get her side of the story, so they sent along some Mac and Island fudge ice cream asking us to give it to her as a sign of goodwill.

But no one came to the door, so it was left at the door with a note, but there was been no response.

Kortes' attorney also could not be reached for comment, on this latest fight over desserts. At Ray's it's business as usual.

Royal Oak police say Kortes plans on turning herself in later this week. She has not been officially arraigned is not facing charges yet.

Normally Tuesday nights are slow, employees say since this story came out, the store has been busy and the flavor most popular - Mackinac Island Fudge.