Video shows Paris resident wearing creative 3-foot-long social distancing device in public

A video has surfaced on Twitter featuring one Paris resident wearing a creative social distancing device consisting of a horizontal strip nearly 3 feet long attached to a women’s hat to ensure optimal clearance between her and other passing pedestrians.

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Twitter user Amar Taoualit captured a video of a woman wearing the innovative headgear walking along the Champs Elysees, an avenue in central Paris that usually attracts millions of tourists every year, which now appears sparsely populated in the video because of social distancing orders.

France has begun to reopen following an eight-week lockdown, which has seen a slow awakening in bustling cities such as Paris while its residents still remain cautious.

In the video shared by Taoualit, residents can be seen maintaining healthy space from each other, and especially from the woman with the innovative social distancing contraption. 


A woman uses a 3-foot-long strip attached to her hat to maintain social distance. (Credit: Amar Taoualit via Storyful)

France was hit hard by COVID-19, recording more than 26,600 virus-related deaths as of Monday night. The virus still is circulating. Authorities, trying to strike a balance between public health and boosting the economy as cases plateaued, reopened numerous sectors around the country. 

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They will reassess the situation in three weeks, wary of a second wave.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.