Video shows man shooting at other driver through windshield

Video posted to YouTube shows a Central Florida man shooting at another driver through his windshield.

A camera set up inside his car shows Marco Mazzetta reach for his gun while behind the wheel. 

He holds it a few seconds out of view of the camera and then begins firing through the windshield.

Glass flies all over the place as his passenger ducks for cover.

Mazzetta posted the video online Saturday. 

He called it “Highway Self Defense Shooting Orlando Florida.”
It’s been viewed more than 90,000 times. 

It shows the back and forth between Mazzetta and another driver in Orange County.
The beginning of the video shows a driver coming up behind Mazzetta.

As he tries to get around him, Mazzetta boxes him out.

Then, both drivers get on State Road 417. 

The incident escalated when Mazzetta says the other driver pointed a gun out the window.

He freezes the frame to show it.

That’s when he pulls out his own gun and fires.

Mazzetta didn’t want to do an interview with FOX 35, but says he felt the right to defend himself. 

In a text message, he told us: “I’m not a fan of guns; I’m a fan of not getting shot.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says Mazzetta is the one who contacted them about the incident and they’re investigating.