Video shows coyote ambush cats

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Residents of one Port Orange neighborhood were shocked to see video evidence that coyotes are attacked area cats.  

Workers at a business park say they noticed cats missing from the area over the past few months. Now, they say they know what happened after looking at their surveillance cameras.  Video shows a coyote ambushing a group of cats, taking away beloved Alfonso, also known as "Al." 

"He was our door greeter, our mascot, he would always be at the door over here. You can pet him, you can rub his belly. He was just such a friendly cat," says Janell Erskine

People who work in the business park adopted three colonies of cats -- about three dozen cats total.  They feed them, and spay and neutered them. They love them. But now about a dozen of them are gone.

For months, the mystery weighed heavy on Erskine's mind. Now, she knows and she's not sure she feels any better. 

"It alarms me that there's these coyotes here, and I fear for people who live around here and have domestic cats out or dogs, small dogs."

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers will not come out and relocate the coyotes. They say the people here can hire a trapper.