VIDEO: San Francisco firefighters rescue person trapped on rocks in Presidio

San Francisco firefighters said early Wednesday morning they were able to rescue one person trapped in the rocks in the ocean at the Presidio. 

Lt. John Baxter said on a Twitter video that crews had found the person in the water by the rocks at Battery Crosby. The video showed the person getting taken to a nearby rescue boat. The person had called for help at about 1:30 a.m. Firefighters had first called it an "active cliff rescue." 

Originally, Baxter said crews thought four people had been missing.

It wasn't immediately clear why the person was in the water at that time of day.  Battery Crosby is an Endicott-era military complex built in 1900 to protect the underwater minefield outside the Golden Gate. It now overlooks the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge and is a historical landmark and hiking area.