Video captures officers rescuing cat that got head stuck in soup can

Two Las Vegas traffic officers made it clear they are not just here to protect and serve people, but animals as well.

While out patrolling on their motorcycles, a pair of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers spotted something a little unusual.

Helmet-cams captured video of what looked like a cat that got its head stuck in a soup can.

Both officers parked their bikes and proceeded to help the poor creature.

“We’re trained in a variety of life-saving techniques, but not this one,” the department wrote in a Facebook post published on May 6.

The officers were able to gently pull the cat’s head free, allowing it to run away from the pesky soup can, unharmed.

“Thanks officers! And best of luck to that cat who rushed away in apparent good health,” the post read.

Storyful contributed to this story.