Victory Casino Cruises held vaccination event for Port employees

Victory Casino cruise line is giving out Moderna vaccines to all Victory and port employees, thanks to a partnership with Rockledge Regional Medical hospital. 

Lester Bullock, the CEO of the cruise line, said Victory Casino Cruises is the only line that has been operating at the port, having reopened at the beginning of June. The cruise line is hoping to instill confidence back to cruise lovers.

"As everyone is getting vaccinated, all our customers, many of them that are seniors are coming back once they are vaccinated. However, we have had a fairly robust solid base and we have carried over 100,000 people since we reopened," Bullock said. 

Restaurant employees and families of port employees also got the chance to get vaccinated on Monday and say they are just happy to get one step closer to normal.

"It was just so easy. I just didn’t even realize it was done and over," said Clarissa Knight.