Victim being attacked fatally stabs attacker at Apopka home

One person is dead after an attack ends in a stabbing. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating an attack at a home on Central Avenue in Apopka. 

Deputies confirm shortly after 8 a.m. Sunday, three people entered the home, attacked a person inside the home and the victim stabbed one of the attackers, who died from their injuries. 

The sheriff's office is not releasing any names of the people involved. 

Investigators say the initial victim is cooperating with the investigation.

Lewill Keys lives at the house with his girlfriend and several roommates. 

He was not home at the time, but describes a gruesome scene inside the home. 

Keys says a confrontation happened and a woman ended up stabbed. He says he does not know who the woman is or what led to the altercation.