Val Demings wins in crowded field for U.S. House Dist. 10

Former Orlando police Chief Val Demings is celebrating after a win in the Democratic primary election for Florida's 10th congressional district.  Carrying almost 60 percent of the vote, she soundly defeated her challengers: state Sen. Geraldine Thompson, former state party Chair Bob Poe, and attorney Fatima Rita Fahmy. 

At a watch party, Demings thanked the crowd for all their support, just beaming with happiness. "The next member of Congress from Florida District 10, my wife, Val Demings," said  husband, Orange County Sheriff  Jerry Demings, who introduced her.  

She is use to being in the limelight.  Along with her husband, she was joined by her three sons, her grandchildren and the rest of her family.  She talked about the need to disarm hate in America, and the importance of preserving, Social Cecurity and Medicare.

Demings says she will continue to campaign on these issues through the general election and admits, it’s different having the Sheriff of Orange County help her go door- to-door asking for votes.  She also made a plug for his campaign.

"It was so interesting when we were at the doors, because people would say, 'Isn’t that the police out there? I’m telling you it’s the sheriff!' and made them a little bit uncomfortable. I’m gonna walk for him and he’s gonna walk for me.  I feel like I’m working harder than ever before. It was an honor to be the first woman Chief of Police and it's an honor to win this election tonight., to hopefully win in November and serve the people."

Demings will face Republican candidate Thuy Lowe in the November election.  Lowe did not have a primary challenger.