Unstable scaffolding halts downtown businesses in Orlando

Unstable scaffolding has made it difficult for people to get to the heart of downtown Orlando.

Many are concerned about safety, as well as work. "It’s absolutely crazy just thinking about all the business owners that had to shut down their jobs for the day all the people who are out of work missing hours just because of poor construction," said Sam Maklou.

According to the construction contractor Balfour Beatty, workers stabilized the scaffolding and are trying to develop a deconstruction plan.  

They discovered the problem yesterday. It’s difficult for people who work downtown. 

"It’s a little stressful we like going outside, my coworker and I like to go on our walks and not being able to do that because of this going on is a little frustrating," said Maklou. 

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Balfour Beatty says they’re focused on the safety and security of the site and surrounding area. 

Makhlou said, "I really hope everyone turns out ok. I hope first responders are able to deal with the situation."

According to a city spokesperson, the area has been closed off to both drivers and pedestrians.
This includes Orange Avenue from Central to Jackson, Pine Street between Garland and Court, Church Street between Garland and Court Avenue.

Jessenia Sanchez said it's inconvenient, "It’s blocking towards the entrance where I work, and then it’s created more traffic around so getting in and out is tougher now." 

Beatty said they're working on a timeline of when this will all get fixed. Many hope it will be soon. 

A spokesperson from Balfour Beatty said: 

"Yesterday, we discovered issues with the exterior scaffolding on our project located at 222 South Orange Avenue. Immediate measures have been taken to stabilize the scaffolding.  Balfour Beatty along with our scaffolding subcontractor and engineering experts are currently working to develop a scaffolding deconstruction plan and timeline, while maintaining the safety and security of the project site and the surrounding area. We are also working closely with the local authorities and appreciate their continued support as we work towards timely resolution.  The affected area will remain secured until operations are complete. Balfour Beatty is committed to the safety of the public and the project area and will continue to work diligently with local authorities to ensure impacted areas and affected businesses can resume normal operation as soon as possible."