'Universal Orlando's Fast & Furious — Supercharged' ride now open

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Fast & Furious — Supercharged ride officially opened at Universal Orlando Resort, and it did it with a bang. 

The screen ride puts you in the middle of the action, and stars Vin Diesel, Tyrese, Ludacris, and Jordana Brewster were on hand for the high octane opening celebration. Before guests get on the ride, there’s plenty to see. 

The wait in line is an immersive experience into the Fast and Furious world, complete with clips from the movie, a trivia game through the Universal App, and a variety of supercharged cars.  Even the experience in line is unique. 

“This is, you know, an opportunity for the fans to actually see what these cars are really all about,” says Picture Car Coordinator Dennis McCarthy. 

Designers for the ride say seeing the cars up close and personal is an experience that fans of the Fast and Furious franchise will appreciate. 

“A number of them are actual film cars that were used in the shoot, ones that weren’t involved in any stunt accidents and some of them were recreations,” says VP of Attraction Development for
Universal Creative Don McLean. 

Despite the immersive experience in line, some people need a constant adrenaline rush, and Universal Orlando has got them covered too. Guests can keep their foot on the gas by bypassing the wait and getting a ticket on the virtual line, allowing them to get the most out of their theme park day. 

“Select a time and have a reservation to come back to the party, and experience the attraction on their schedule, not wait in line,” McLean says. 

The superstars of the film are featured on the ride that includes music, vehicle flips, and rocket fire.