Ultralight aircraft crashes into DeLand swimming pool enclosure

An experimental plane fell out of the sky, crashing into a swimming pool enclosure of a home in DeLand on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened around 3 p.m. in the backyard of a residence at 1445 Pine Place.

The homeowners were not at their house at the time of the crash and the pilot was able to walk away from the crash.  

The pilot walked away uninjured. FOX 35 News spoke to the pilot who said he was coming from the airport when the engine of the aircraft suddenly stopped and the aircraft fell. 

The aircraft landed in Ulla Berger’s pool screen, barely missing her home and the pool. She tells FOX 35 News she was at work when the crash happened. Her neighbor called her and alerted her of the crash. She thinks the trees in her backyard prevented a much worse outcome.

"I think the trees actually took most of the speed off, is what the pilot said.  He said the trees took most of the speed off," said Berger.

Fuel was drained from the ultralight aircraft and is awaiting investigation by the Federal Aviation Authority.

Berger has a background in aviation herself as a skydiving instructor and said she is grateful the pilot was okay.  

"He had a guardian angel for sure. This is just material stuff. It can be taken care of," she said pointing to her pool cage. 

She said the pilot hopes to remove the plane Thursday. 

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