UCF plans to terminate controversial professor

The University of Central Florida is preparing to fire a controversial professor.

The school said that Dr. Charles Negy, an associate professor of psychology, came under fire after a series of complaints the university received, from both current and former students, about his conduct in the classroom.

After interviewing hundreds of students and listening to hours of audio from the classroom, the school decided to terminate him. 

"None of the findings in the investigation are a result of Dr. Negy’s comments on Twitter, which are protected as free expression, or comments in the classroom that were the subject of some students’ complaints but that the university determined were protected by academic freedom," said Chad Binette, Assistant Vice President of UCF Communications.

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Binette added, "We recognize the courage of the many students who came forward to report allegations to the university. Likewise, we recognize Dr. Negy’s due process rights and rights under the collective bargaining agreement, which include his opportunity to respond to the report prior to the university making a final decision about his employment."

Dr. Negy has until January 25 to contest his notice of termination.