UCF grads create app to help kids with 'boo boos'

Getting hurt is no fun. However, when you are a kid it really stinks! Even taking off a bandage can sometimes elicit tears.

An app in development at the University of Central Florida's Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) hopes to change or at least help that.It's called "Boo Boo Snap." That's "boo boo," as in the name kids have for injuries and "snap" as in the super popular smartphone app: Snapchat.

Co-creator Christine "Sound" Wright says, "I just kinda combined the two off the cuff and 'Boo Boo Snap!'"

Boo Boo Snap works with your smartphone's camera using augmented reality tech. You aim it at a bandage and a 3D character pops up. It will then help the child with wound care or possibly other advice to help make having a boo boo and having to wear a bandage, a little less scary.

Wright and co-creator James Gaiser say the way they came up with the app surprised even them.