UCF forces Theta Chi fraternity off campus

Administrators at the University of Central Florida said the students at one fraternity will soon be moving out after their on-campus housing was terminated.  The Theta Chi appeared festive and decorated with holiday lights on Friday, but on November 19, it was totally different.  University police officers said they were called out to a fire alarm at the house, but discovered a large party instead. 

Body camera video was released by UCF police on Friday.  "You've had an open house party where you're allowing people to have alcoholic beverages who are under the age of 21," one officer is heard explaining to students in the recording.   Officers said there was a bicycle lock around the two front doors of the fraternity preventing anyone from going in or out of the main doors.  Police said some were climbing out of a window.  "As I was walking out there was a guy in the bedroom, as everyone was pouring out of the window. But these guys couldn't even wake him up."
Officers said there were people throwing up outside in the parking lot. Some were passed out and an 18 year old had to be taken to the ER.  UCF released a statement saying the house party violated the terms of the lease agreement involving alcohol, fire safety and disregard for property so they terminated the lease.

We asked students what they thought. Nicole Cantore said, "If they're representing our school then they should follow the policies, especially when someone's health is in question."
Brandon Singh told us, "It's disappointing I guess, unfortunate overall . Hopefully other other fraternities and sororities learn from this.  They're college kids. People make mistakes."

Theta Chi has been on campus since 2009. UCF said the chapter had already been placed on interim suspension by the Office of Student Conduct.  The 35 men who live in the house must be out by the end of the semester.