Two women accused of kidnapping baby will step before a judge

Two women are facing charges in connection to a bizarre kidnapping case and will appear before a judge on Thursday.

Police say one of those women, Sarah Ordonez, is the child's babysitter. She's behind bars with another woman, Jade Zataval. Police say they were tangled up with two other suspects, who are still out there.

The women, the baby, and two men were in a car at Arrow Wrecker Service, when at some point, police say Ordonez went inside. One man took off in the car with Zataval and the baby inside, while the other man stole another car. 

Police are reportedly investigating whether or not drugs were involved. 

The baby is back with it's mother now. Ordonez is being charged with child neglect, while Zataval is being charged with kidnapping.