Treatment, not prison, for 'insane' driver who killed Tampa father of 2

The man who intentionally ran over a bicycling family three years ago was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Mikese Morse is now headed to a mental health facility for treatment instead of prison.

Hillsborough Judge Mark Kiser made it official Monday. "At this point, the court as entered a finding of not guilty by reason of insanity."

Doctors representing the state and the defense agreed Morse did not know right from wrong at the time of the crime.

"He did not know or appreciate the nature of his actions and the consequences, nor did he appreciate the wrongfulness of his behavior," testified clinical psychologist Dr. Ohiana Torrealday.


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Back in summer of 2018, Morse was accused of intentionally running over a father and his two children who were riding bikes in Tampa. The father, Pedro Aguerreberry, was killed.

His children survived, but their mother Meghan says the scars are still there.

"For months after Pedro was killed, Lucas was afraid of going outside ‘where bad people are.’ There are no number of apologies or prayers that will ever convince me that the guy who did this is innocent. More than just a life was taken from us that day, " said Meghan Aguerreberry.

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Morse, who attended the hearing virtually, spoke too.

"I really regret not getting the help I needed beforehand before this happened. I’m sincerely sorry for causing all this pain," said Morse.

However, Mikese's mother reminded the court her son did try to get help, even showing up to a police station and telling officers he was about to hurt someone.  He was Baker Acted but released without proper treatment.

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Michael Morse blames systemic racism for his son's lack of help in the mental health system.

"If my son was Tom Brady's son or a high-profile white guy, he would have never been dumped in the streets," claimed Morse.

Mikese Morse will be placed in the custody and care of the Department of Children and Families for treatment.