Treasured photos left in Walmart photo album returned to family

An Orlando family has their precious pictures back, thanks to social media.  More than 50 years of memories are now back in the hands of Elizabeth Hart.

"What do these pictures mean to you? Everything. It's all family."

She admits she made a mistake while creating a collage.

"Unfortunately, I forgot some of them in an album and returned three of them to a Walmart."

That happened three months ago. Last night a video went out on Facebook, landing around 6,000 views.  Elizabeth's son Kevin got a notification Tuesday morning.

"It said something like why does this lady have your photo album? So I'm like huh?"

Turns out Jizeel Zamora found the pictures in an album she bought at Walmart.

"When I came home that night to put the pictures in the album, it just blew my mind to see somebody else's pictures in it.  I said there's no way I can just throw them away."

She realizes how valuable they are.

"Family's so important to me. Pictures tell a story. They are priceless."

When Kevin contacted Jizeel, she said it was the best call he had in a long time.

"He was in tears over the phone I can tell."

This mother and son didn't come empty handed.

"I figured if we're getting back a photo album shouldn't we bring her one at least. I couldn't decide, so I got a couple."

A special blessing, in all ways.  

"I thank you so very much. Don't make me cry."

They're grateful to have their memories back..

Kevin says, "We're just happy that she was an honest person and decided to give it back to us, instead of just throwing them away."

Elizabeth agrees, "She's someone who's absolutely so honest to do this and I really appreciate it."

Elizabeth plans to bring the album home and fill it up with even more pictures.