Travelers at OIA have Paris on their minds

International travelers at Orlando's International Airport were buzzing Saturday about the attacks in Paris, France.  

There were mixed emotions among travelers.

Brian Georges, of Paris, France told Fox 35's David Williams, "Fear, I guess. Cuz I know much people in Paris. At the moment we hear about what's happening. We just think 'where are the people we know?'"

That's what Georges was feeling while watching the terror attacks unfold on his hometown of Paris, France.

Fox 35 caught up with him before boarding his flight home to France. He knows what he will do when he arrives home.

"Probably stay at home," he said. "It's more safe, it seems to be, than to go in town or places."

Georges said that perfect strangers have stopped him on the streets, offering support to him while he's here on vacation.

"We want to thank them for the support," George said. "They can't do much, but it's pretty good."

The attacks were on the minds of other international travelers like Emily Ransom of Kent, England, which is near London.

"Scary!" Ransom said. "I sort of seem that London would be a bigger target than Paris. So, it's scary to think it happened in Paris."

Luke Francis, of London, England told Fox 35 "Stay strong everyone. Be positive."

Ransom said, "We all need to stand together. We shouldn't let...they're bullies really. Don't let bullies win. Everybody cue in together."

Georges said, thankfully, all of his friends and family in Paris are safe.