Trapper called in to relocate nuisance peacocks

Hundreds of peacocks are putting neighbor against neighbor in Palm Bay.

Some people love them, some people can’t stand them. And now, one homeowner has hired a professional trapper for a peacock purge.

The plan is to capture as many as possible and relocate them to a wildlife preserve.

It’s perfectly legal, but some neighbors are so attached to the peacocks, they’re mad at the folks who want them gone.

Neighbors say there are roughly 200 peacocks in the neighborhood. 

The trapper says he thinks he can put a dent in that population and do it humanely, hoping to relocate 50.

“Honestly, peacocks are one of our worst nightmares. I’m the only idiot in Brevard County who will actually go up against the people with the peacocks. You get half of the people that like 'em and the other half that don’t,” said James Dean, wildlife trapper.

He’s been hired by a resident to deal with the peacocks.

Dean’s trap has a mirror in the cage. 

The Peacock sees its own reflection and thinks it’s a mate.

When one squeezes into the cage, Dean will drop the door.

Two big, towering trees are where the peacocks go at night.

Neighbors say the houses directly under the trees get the most racket and the most droppings.

“You have to respect the people who want them gone because they’ve had shingles torn off the roof, they’ve had vehicles damaged, they’ve had screen enclosures damaged, flowers ripped out of the ground.” Dean said.

“Don’t misunderstand me, they’re beautiful, but it’s too much,” said Dora Paolino.

Paolino says she does not not want all of the peacocks to be removed, but 50, she supports.

“When a car passes very fast or in the middle of the night, they make their noises and you wake up,” Paolino said.

Curt Hansen is totally opposed to removing any of the birds. He says he loves watching them.

“They don’t do anything wrong as far as Im concerned and I like the sound of them,” Hansen said.

Despite the neighbor disputes, Dean is focused on humanely thinning the bird herd.

“I’m going out there every morning monitoring the trap, it’s just a matter of time,” Dean said.

And this story is getting national media attention.

Support for the peacocks is strong.

One man told The News Station last week that a passing car ran over a peacock and a dozen angry neighbors gave the driver a piece of their mind.