Todt family deaths deemed homicides caused by 'unspecified violence' and Benadryl overdose, report states

The toxicology report of Anthony Todt's wife and children, who were found dead inside a Celebration home in January, has deemed the family's death a homicide caused by a combination of “unspecified violence” and Benadryl overdose.

Anthony Todt, 44, is facing second-degree murder charges for the killings of his wife, 42-year-old Megan Todt, and their three kids: Alek, 13; Tyler, 11; and Zoe, 4. He was arrested in January after deputies found the bodies of his wife and their three children wrapped in blankets in the master bedroom.

FOX 35 News previously received the full autopsy reports for the Todt family deaths. It showed that the wife of Anthony Todt and two of his three children were stabbed.

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On Tuesday, the full toxicology reports by the Medical Examiner were released, showing that the deaths of the Todt family have been deemed as homicides, citing that they were killed by “unspecified violence” and overdoses of Benadryl.

The report specifically stated that the official cause of death for the mother and three children was “homicidal violence of unspecified means," along with “diphenhydramine toxicity,” which is better known as the drug Benadryl.

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Megan Todt had two stab wounds in the stomach area, the report said. Alek and Tyler’s abdomens only showed one stab wound, while Zoe did not have any stab wounds. Homicidal violence was still said to be a cause of death for her though, in addition to the Benadryl overdose.

The report acknowledged that because of the bodies were found so heavily decomposed, officials could not use their blood for toxicology testing. Instead, they used fluid from the liver, brain, and chest, as well as a hair sample, which showed the increased levels of Benadryl.

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The State Attorney is pursuing the death penalty against Anthony Todt. 

Prior to Todt's arrest, federal agents said that they were investigating him for health care fraud. They said that he had billed thousands of dollars' worth of fake physical therapy sessions to Medicaid and private insurers to fund a lifestyle beyond his means.

Reports came in after Todt's arrest stating that Todt had actually witnessed his father attempt to have his own mother murdered about 40 years ago in Connecticut. His mother survived the attack and his father was convicted.

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