Titusville Police conducting search in missing person case from 15 years ago

Titusville Police are searching a vacant lot in reference to a missing person case from approximately 15 years ago.

A Crime Scene Investigations unit arrived at the location along DeLeon Avenue searching for evidence around 2 p.m. on Thursday. A backhoe was brought to the scene for excavation purposes as well as cadaver dogs.  

Titusville police detectives are looking for the remains of Tisa Gantt. She would have been 51 years old on Thursday. She was 36 when she disappeared.

Police said they have searched and dug sites like this one several times over the past years with no luck.  

FOX 35 News spoke with her brother who was sitting down in front of the site watching the whole thing unfold. Through tears, he explained the pain he has carried with him over the last decade and a half, still holding out for answers.

"We just want closure to this thing. It has been sad. It is hard to talk. Hopefully today some closure will come about. It is a sad moment. We just want closure so hopefully, today will be that day," said Louis Sconyers.

Titusville police say they will be back here again tomorrow with new equipment continuing their search.

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