Titusville holiday light display brings community together

It’s a Christmastime tradition in Titusville.

"I’ve been doing it many, many years. It’s just built over time," Jeremy Laakso said.

People come from near and far to admire Laakso’s Christmas light display.

"They love… This brings joy to people. This brings community. People are having their Christmas pictures over there; people get engaged here," Laakso’s daughter, Jennifer Taylor, said.

This year is a little more special for Laakso, as the community rallies behind him.

In late November, Laakso fell off a ladder and broke his back when decorating.

He was about 90% finished getting the Christmas lights and displays in place, but the accident slowed things down.

"I think that’s what got me through it all, is all the prayers for me to get through my injury," Laakso said.

"People brought meals. Of course, they wanted to donate," Taylor said. "What’s beautiful is a lot of people have volunteered to help take them down in January.

"With COVID and the different hardships throughout the year, the Laakso’s continue finding joy in bringing the community together.

"We just want people to come out and enjoy life, get past all that stuff we’ve been going through for all this time," Jeremy Laakso’s wife, Patricia Laakso, said.