Titusville community rallies to support "Lives on the Line"

There was one clear message among the hundreds of people at a police support event in Titusville: "We support Lives on the Line."

That's the reason why people like Josiah Hackenberg, 27, were at Sand Point Park on Sunday.

Hackenberg told Fox 35's David Williams, "We want to just show that we care about them and unify behind them."

Those "Lives on the Line" are the people in law enforcement in Brevard County, including first responders, deputies and police.

Titusville Police Chief John Lau told Fox 35 he's deeply moved by the people who were at the rally.
"This is like us renewing our vows," Chief Lau said. "We've always had this deep love and passion for our community and I believe the community for us."

The support rally comes just hours after two people were shot to death less than two miles away inside Titusville's Parrish Medical Center.

The same day as the killings of police officers in Baton Rouge.

Titusville Mayor Jim Tulley said, "It's a two-way street. You can't just expect the police department to carry the whole load by themselves. The community has to show support and that's why we're here this evening."

The rally was just a small way for these folks to show how they felt.

Chief Lau told Fox 35 that he hopes what happened at the event sparks a change and conversation in different places across the nation.