Three DFCS workers fired after drowning death of 10-year-old

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Three Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) workers are out of a job following the drowning death of a 10-year-old DeKalb County boy. 

Kentae Williams, 10, drowned at an apartment on Glen Hollow Drive on April 28, and authorities believe he died at the hands of his adoptive father, 43-year-old Leon Williams.

Authorities said by the time they arrived at the scene, Kentae wasn't breathing. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

"After speaking to the suspect, he admitted to causing harm to the child," said Officer Shiera Campbell. 

Harm that police said included beating his son with a belt, pouring hot water on his feet, leaving burns and bruises, and then repeatedly holding Kentae under the water for 30-45 seconds at a time.

Williams was charged with murder and cruelty to children in the first degree. 

Monday night, Christy Hutchings with News Radio 106.7 was the first to obtain DFCS documents related to the case. 

In about a month's span, DFCS was called to the Glen Hollow Drive home twice. The first time was on March 14, and during that visit, a case worker deemed the home safe, citing Kentae was prone to accidents and ran into a dresser. 

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According to the case file, the second time took place on April 21, just seven days before the boy died. Kentae told the case worker he hit his head on the ladder of a bunk-bed, but later changed the story to he fell off the bed. 

The documents revealed Kentae repeatedly told the case worker his adoptive father didn't hit him, and that his father wasn't even home at the time. The case worker cited inconsistent statements, but the child was never removed from the home. 

Following the child's death, neighbors came forward saying they heard Williams say things, such as "you're going to die tonight." 

According to the documents, on the night of the drowning, Williams admitted to a DFCS worker he whipped Kentae with a belt five times before the bath for misbehaving in school.

In addition, the case workers raised questions about why it took the father so long to call 911 following his son's drowning. 

Hutchings learned Tuesday morning DFCS has fired two supervisors and a case manager as a result of the child's death. DFCS also wrote up and reassigned another supervisor and will give a case manager additional training. 

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