Orlando woman says she was robbed in Thornton Park by 2 wearing ski masks

The Orlando Police Department is investigating a reported robbery in Thornton Park. The victim claims that she was leaving a bar when two people in masks grabbed her purse.

The woman said she was walking home on Washington Street around 11:20 p.m. on Monday night when a car pulled up beside her. She claims two people came out in ski masks and grabbed her bag. The robbery happened on Jefferson Street, just around the corner from the busy strip of restaurants and bars in Thornton Park. Detectives with the Orlando Police Department are investigating.

The incident is concerning for business owners and people in the neighborhood. When Felicia Vestal, an event manager with Veranda in Thornton Park, heard the news Monday night, she decided to Uber home from her job on Washington Street, instead of walking as she would have normally.

"I took an Uber home last night after I heard about everything. It was the better choice to not walk home," said Vestal. "What if I decided to walk home, and they were hanging out in the bush or were in another car?"

Brian Minkel, the owner of The Classic in Thornton Park says they try to keep all of their customers safe, but it never hurts to ask someone to walk with you.

"We try to make the inside of our buildings as safe as possible there are 20 cameras next door, five here," said Mikel. "But, if you’re on the road, you’re on your own. If you’re going to walk, you need mace, you need some things."

Vestal would like to see more police patrolling and a tight neighborhood watch because they don't want anyone to be turned away from spending time in Thornton Park.

"What if that happened to my business? And I do events here every day and I don’t want my bride and groom to feel like they’re going to get beat up or robbed," said Vestal.

Police say this is still early in the investigation. The victim believes the people in masks were in a red sedan. If you have any information, call the police.

Representative Anna Eskamani identified the victim as her twin sister and says she is safe and unharmed.