This famous Florida beach house for sale is confusing people for one big issue: See why

A unique beach house that's up for sale in Florida has beautiful views and a nice layout – but there's one big exterior aspect that's leaving people puzzled thanks to a viral social media post. 

Zillow Gone Wild shared photos of the famous Vilano Beach Blue House, located on Coastal Hwy in St. Augustine. Listed for $1,199,000, the ad says the two-bedroom, four-bathroom home is "built to withstand mother nature, and it has been doing just that."

"Anderson impact resistant double pane glass windows throughout, beautiful wood floors on the top floor, granite countertops, there's a new gas fireplace and new jacuzzi tub. You won't want to sleep in and risk the chance of missing a sunrise with your morning cup of coffee at this beach house," the Zillow listing says. "Your dream beach house is waiting!!"

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While it's no doubt a nice looking home, viewers couldn't help but notice that the home looks like it's being held up by stilts – with no stairs to get to the front door. 

The post has racked up thousands of comments from people equally confused and amused by the unusual home. 

  • "Just need to build a helicopter pad on the top of the house and you’ll be straight!" – Jessical Eldridge
  • "I usually only stick to jokes on these posts but can someone please tell me how this house hasn't collapsed yet?" – Derill Pounds
  • "Do you wait for the tide to rise and go by boat?" – Kristin Lundgren
  • "Clearly the house skipped leg day at the gym," – Roberto Hernandez

According to some Facebook users, the home didn’t use to look like this. 

"Apparently it’s a vacation home and these photos are right after the last hurricane. There were homes all around it before they got washed away or knocked down," said one person. "It used to look like this and had a garage for you to park your cars in."



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Some of the other features of the 2,000 square-foot home include a new gas fireplace, granite countertops, wood floors, and a new Jacuzzi tub.