FAA dishes out thousands in fines to unruly passengers

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) dealt out thousands of dollars in fines to deal with unruly passengers. Some of the heftiest from flights coming in and out of the Orlando and Sanford airports

"There’s no moral compass anymore," said passenger Robin Sandora.

The turbulence in the skies has ranged from sexual assault to not wearing a mask. The FAA crackdown handed out fines to six flights that were coming in or out of the Orlando-Sanford area.  

"It makes me feel sad for the pilot, for the elderly people that are around there or people that are traveling for business because if you’re going to be unruly don’t fly," said passenger Sarah Diaz.

In one incident, a passenger on a JetBlue flight from New York to Orlando was throwing things from his carry-on bag. When confronted, he laid down on the floor and stuck his head up a flight attendant’s skirt. The FAA gave that passenger their largest fine of $45,000. 

In another incident, a woman locked herself in the bathroom. When she finally came out, she started throwing corn nuts at other passengers. Frontier Airlines gave her a red card and the FAA fined her $25,000. 

Another incident dealt with a father and son traveling from Sanford to Pittsburgh. Passengers on an Allegiant flight complained when the son started vaping. When escorted off the plane. The vaper screamed, "I hope this plane crashes." While his father yelled, "Imagine all of you in body bags." They were fined a combined $19,315.

In other local incidents, a man was fined $32,500 for threatening violence. A woman was fined $29,000 for punching another passenger and another person was charged $10,500 for not wearing a mask. 

"You should be banned, arrested, and never allowed to travel on public transportation," said Diaz. "It’s not ok."

Orlando International Airport tells FOX 35 News that they have seen an increase in disturbances in the last few months. They believe some of the tension is caused by busier airports, flight delays, and overall travel stress. 

The FAA has also asked airports to work with local law enforcement to press charges on unruly passengers. If an incident happens on the ground here, Orlando Police could do just that. 

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