'That's Godzilla!': Florida alligator easily breaks through metal fence in viral video

It's a pretty cool sight when you see an alligator climb a fence, but a video going viral on social media shows how easily one Florida alligator busted right through it!

The video, shared by WINK meteorologist Matt Devitt, appears to show a large alligator in Placida, Florida bending the bars of an aluminum fence using its head and wiggling its body through the tight space.

"He eventually got through," Devitt wrote on social media, according to the unnamed person who shot the video.

The fence was reportedly an aluminum fence, "which is still considered a lightweight metal fence," Devitt clarified, after some questioned how the gator was able to get through with such ease.


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The video quickly went viral with hilarious comments from viewers. 

  • "That's not an alligator that's Godzilla lol" – Roxanna La Paugh
  • "Wow, that’s a scary site! I see alligators all the time. I guess my lanai is not going to protect me" – Naples Susie
  • "He’s got a career as a fence product tester ahead of him" – Jessica LR Espada
  • "Who knew Superman was an alligator!" – Willis Kern
  • "Alligators are amazing. That sheer brute strength is something to see. Happy to witness prehistoric life in SWFL!" – Taylor Russo

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, there are about 1.3 million alligators in the state of Florida. Generally, an alligator may be considered a nuisance if it's at least 4 feet in length and believed to pose a threat to people, pets or property. If you’re concerned about an alligator, call the Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR.