'That’s injustice, that’s cruelty' says family suing Ocoee Police after deadly arrest

The family of an Ocoee man is speaking out against the officers involved in the deadly arrest of their loved one. They are suing the city after his death.

The lawsuit claims Jean Samuel Celestin was having a mental health crisis when he was tasered by Ocoee police officers several times.

Body camera footage shows how the confrontation began and escalated. Officers say Celestin answered the door holding a remote control and a kitchen knife. The video shows Celestin shutting the door on officers, then opening it. Later, officers entered his home and tasered him. In the video, officers claim Celestin lunged at them.

Officers tasered Celestin a total of four times. The video appears to show some of this happens after Celestin runs from officers. He ended up face down on the ground across the street where officers detained him using a "hobble restraint," also known as a hogtie.

Later, officers realized Celestin wasn’t breathing and performed CPR. Celestin was pronounced dead at the hospital.

"When they tie someone up by their arms and legs and put them on the ground where they can’t breathe. This is the result. Another dead Black man in America," said the family's attorney Jeremy Markman. 

Celestin’s family called 911 for help that night, they say because he was experiencing a mental health crisis and needed help. Celestin suffered from schizophrenia. 

"That’s injustice, that’s cruelty," said Joanne Celestin, Samuel’s Sister. "If you can’t do the job then don’t go into it. We want them to be held accountable."