Texas sheriff takes inspiration from Florida deputy

A sheriff in Texas is grateful to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, after finding the deputy who inspired him to pursue a career of fighting crime. 

Sheriff Robert Chody, of Williamson County, Texas, will never forget the day he decided to go into law enforcement. He was only 15 years old at the time and lived in Lake County.

"My mother was abused by a particular man in a relationship, after my father died and there was one specific night in the Sorrento, Florida-area where we lived where it went a step further than where it normally went in regards to violence," Chody explained.

He said his twin brother was struck, and he thought he would be next.

"Immediate fear went into my body, because I was scared, deathly scared of this man," Chody said.

But then a Lake County deputy by the name of Paul Peterson arrived at the home and arrested the man.

"I felt this calmness, peace, load lifted off my shoulders that I'll never forget to this day," said Chody.

With help from the Lake County Sheriff's Office and social media, Sheriff Chody tracked down the now-retired Peterson in Kentucky.  Peterson said he was overwhelmed when he heard from Chody.

"It had been 34 years, and I had no idea I had that kind of an impact on someone's life," said Peterson, who was also inspired by a law enforcement officer.

He hopes law enforcement officers will continue to lead others to go into the field, because it could make a difference.

"Just unaware that you're making an impact by doing a job and taking care of people, that's what it's all about," he added.

Peterson said he is proud of Sheriff Chody. They plan to meet next month in Kentucky.