Tenn. Pastor Spreads Holiday Cheer with Random Acts of Kindness

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A Nashville mother thought she was being pulled over by the cops, but instead got a much needed surprise. It was all thanks to Cross Point Church and Pastor Pete Wilson. 

Wilson's church, which is based in Nashville, was able to pull off something incredible this holiday season thanks to its Dollar Club, which is something that takes place every month. According to Wilson, every church member at every campus is challenged to donate $1. The church pulls the dollars together and goes out into the community and performs some type of random act of kindness, typically for one family in need. 

"People just don't expect it and I think it really makes a difference," said Wilson. 

This month's Dollar Club took things to a new level. They partnered with Sonic Automotive and the Fairview Tennessee Police Department and delivered random acts of kindness to 40 Tennessee residents. 

"We spent like the whole day just doing random acts of kindness, buying people's Christmas trees and filling up their gas tanks and one of our things was we partnered with the local police department and when people were getting pulled over for minor traffic violations.. instead of giving them a ticket, we found out what they wanted for Christmas and we'd run into Walmart and buy it real fast," Wilson told FOX News. 

While inside Walmart they learned about Jessica Fox, who is a mother of two and has been going through an extremely difficult time. In May, she lost her fiance in a car accident and just days later, her car's motor blew up.

Pastor Wilson said he knew he had to help. 

"Our heart just kind of broke for her and we knew that we wanted to do something special for her," Wilson said.