'Tell your father, I need him here now!': Florida teen clocked driving 132 mph on Interstate 4, deputy says

Body camera footage released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office shows a traffic stop where the teen driver was accused of driving more than twice the speed limit on Interstate 4.

The footage from January obtained by FOX 35 News on Tuesday appears to show the 16-year-old driver pulled over in the express lanes of I-4. The Orange County sheriff's deputy said the driver was traveling faster than 100 miles per hour. "132 miles an hour," the unidentified deputy said. 

"How old are you?" the deputy asks the driver. "You’re 16? Whose car is this? Tell your father, I need him here now!"

The teenager was driving a Toyota Supra, which the deputy said was "too much car" for the 16-year-old. The deputy ordered the teen to call his father.

The teen was not arrested but was given a speeding citation that also required an appearance in court.

"I did not charge him with reckless criminal," the deputy told the teen’s parents. "If he was 18, he’d be going to jail."

With the new school year around the corner, the Florida Highway Patrol is ready for more driving teens. Trooper Migdalisis Garcia said FHP focuses on educating young drivers during stops.

"We want to make it that traffic stop that makes that difference," Garcia said. "We don’t want it to be that crash or that fatal crash, unfortunately, that will make that person learn their lesson."