Teen who fell 4 flights off balcony thanks nurses for saving him

A 19-year-old man who fell four flights off a balcony had a chance to say thank you to the nurses who saved him.

At Health First's Holmes Regional Medical Center, nurses Stan Raimo and Jessica Evans were surprised to see former patient Chris Delgado.

Four months ago, Delgado fell from a balcony at his parents' condominium in Cape Canaveral.  He suffered severe brain damage, a shattered pelvis, and a ruptured lung.

"He really stands out to me, just the way he came in," said Evans.

Delgado couldn’t talk and didn’t have any identification on him, but after his parents tracked him down, Evans and Raimo were able to help connect the family and nurse the young man back to health, despite all the COVID restrictions.

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"I’ve never met a patient I’ve taken care of especially after I’ve left the ICU. This is like, it’s a very unique experience," Evans said  "I’m shocked. He looks amazing."

Raimo added, "Today we get to see full circle, him coming around after he went through that traumatic day in his life and his recovery.  To be standing here in front of us, it’s so great to see."

Delgado went through months of rehabilitation. He can’t remember much about his fall from the balcony or why it happened. His mother, Tara, said he was most likely taking out the trash because the receptacle is located on a balcony.

"We have the same kid back we knew before his fall. It's an absolute miracle that wouldn’t have been possible without these people," she said.

That’s why it was so important for the Delgado family to drop off a gift and show their appreciation.

"Thank you guys so much!  Thank you so much!. Thank you! They are the angels of the hospital. They’re his guardian angels. Without you, we wouldn’t have him."

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