Teen charged in capital murders of his grandparents

A 14-year-old boy has been taken into custody and charged with two counts of capital murder. He was taken to a detention center in Hardin County. Investigators say when the 14-year old boy failed to report to Barbers Hill Middle School South on Monday, the principal went searching for him. At the house, he found the boy who told him that his grandparents were out shopping. The boy's grandfather and grandmother were actually dead in the back bedroom of their house.

"The principal told the student to have his grandfather call the school when they got home from shopping," said Chambers County Sheriff Bryan Hawtherne. "That phone call never took place." 

When deputies arrived at the house on Cedar Gulley Road, they found the bodies of Chester and Sandra Bienek with visible gunshot wounds.They also found the couple's 14-year-old grandson inside the house.

"(When) the school did their follow up call to the grandfather, the student answered the phone and at one point, he actually tried to act as if he was the grandfather on the telephone," said Sheriff Hawtherne.

The principal told investigators that he stayed on the phone with the juvenile and that the boy eventually broke down, prompting the principal to call law enforcement officers.

"He came back on the phone crying and said, 'Grandma has blood on her,'" said Hawtherne.

The teen, charged with two counts of capital murder, may face the death penalty if he is tried as an adult.

Neighbors told FOX 26 News that they were shocked this happened in their normally-quiet neighborhood.

"It's a terrible thing, in the neighborhood, it's terrible to know, this is a quiet neighborhood, we don't have any problems," said one neighbor.

"I don't know how you could kill your family like that and kill people that took care of you and took you into their home," said another neighbor.