Taskforce 4 out of Central Florida helping victims of Hurricane Ida

FILE - A man comforts a woman after Hurricane Ida passed through and destroyed a neighborhood building on Aug. 30, 2021 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Taskforce 4 out of Central Florida is in Louisiana helping residents recover from Hurricane Ida.

The crew has been conducting rapid needs assessments, evaluating critical infrastructure, looking for ruptured gas lines, water main breaks, and trees on buildings. 

Right now they are in Jefferson Parish, where they say there’s not been anything catastrophic.

Taskforce 4 member Chief Spencer Bashinski, from the Orlando Police Department, explained why it is important to lend a hand.

"Louisiana has sent aid to us for storms like hurricane Michael in the past so it’s an  honor for us to represent our state and give back to the community here in Louisiana."

This is the fourth time the Taskforce has been sent out this year to help residents in disasters.

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