'Taps Across America' echoes through Central Florida community

It’s just four notes, played 24 times that strike a chord deep in our hearts.

"If there are citizens out there that are willing to get shot at, certainly I can give them four notes," said Steve Fussell.

Fussell has played taps for half a decade at the Memorial Day ceremony in Oviedo. He calls the experience powerful.

"Taps literally means the day is done and for those soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrifice I feel it’s an honor to play for them," said Fussell.

Across America, people stepped out on their front porches at 3 p.m. local time to join in playing Taps. Even if they didn’t have a bugle to play.

"This is a day to remember the folks that gave their all and a day to pray for the families," said Abe Lopez.

Lopez helped carry the tune outside his home in Oviedo on a speaker. Not only to honor those who served but a chance to teach his children about the true meaning of the day.

"I just think it’s really important to show my kids that these freedoms that we enjoy, the freedom to go to church, the freedom to worship, freedom to speak out against our government, freedom of the press it’s not like this around the world," said Lopez.

As "Taps across America" continues to grow in the years to come, they hope the song will echo from the hills to the valleys and from sea to sea encouraging us to take one minute of our day to remember folks who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

"A lot of people think this weekend is about partying and celebrating, obviously yes spend time with your family and enjoy your family because there’s some people that can’t," said Laurel Ross, Post 243 Commander.

If you missed the playing of "Taps across America" don’t worry. The city of Oviedo will be holding a special Taps ceremony at 7 p.m. at Oviedo on the Park. If you can’t be in attendance you are asked to join in from home.