Suspected carjacker seen wrestling deputy in video

A man accused of leading Volusia County sheriff's deputies on a 10-hour hunt and standoff on Monday will remain in jail.  A judge on Tuesday denied bond for David Readdean, 27.

Video from a body camera worn by a deputy and released by the Sheriff’s Office shows the all-day incident Readdean is accused of sparking.  It started at about 7:30 a.m. Monday, when a deputy was flagged down at a Deltona Publix store by employees who claimed Readdean had attempted to steal a Sonicare toothbrush, valued at $58.

In the video, the deputy can be seen trying to take the suspect into custody, before the two go to the ground in a body slam as the suspect resists arrest.  Eventually, the suspect is able to get into a vehicle and speed off. 

The video then shows a scene not far away, where the deputy finds the same vehicle crashed into a tree in a local front yard and abandoned. A woman who lives in the home where the crashed happened said the suspect took out one of her palm trees and totaled two cars in her driveway.  She said it sounded like an explosion, when the vehicle hit a more solid tree and came to a stop. That homeowner also said she was in the home at the time with her sick daughter, but that they’d both been outside in the driveway just a short time earlier.

Readdean is then accused of carjacking a woman who was driving with her children, ages 3 and 6. She can be seen on the body camera video telling deputies she followed the man’s instructions and drove him further into town, fearing for her safety.

"Opened my car door where my son's sitting -- he jumped in and crouched sitting practically on my son!" the woman said on the video. "I had to move! I didn't know what he was going to do."

Deputies eventually tracked the suspect to and surrounded a home in the 700 block of Gainsboro Street in Deltona where a multi-hour standoff with SWAT ensued.

Readdean was eventually taken into custody to the cheers of neighbors who were locked down for several hours during the incident.

Readdean is accused of resisting an officer with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, escape, carjacking, three counts of kidnapping, possession of heroin and driving without a valid license. Bond for those new charges remains at  $247,500.

Spirit Elementary was temporarily placed on lockdown while deputies searched the area.