Suspect accused of shooting Auburn’s Brian Battie, killing brother will remain behind bars, judge rules

The suspect in the shooting of Auburn running back, Brian Battie, and his brother will remain behind bars until his trial starts. 

Brian Battie, who also used to be a football player for the University of South Florida, was shot outside a Sarasota shopping plaza last weekend along with his brother Tommie Battie IV, who was killed. Darryl Brookins, 28, was in court Friday afternoon, facing murder and attempted murder charges. 


The suspect was denied bond as a judge found that he was simply too dangerous to be released from jail. Brookins has been convicted of five other felonies previously. 

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Sarasota prosecutors said he's accused of pulling his weapon out first and firing at least a dozen rounds, killing Tommie and injuring four others, including Brian. However, his defense attorney argued that he acted in self-defense. 


"That video shows one thing, Mr. Brookins acting in self-defense without any ability to retreat," said defense attorney Jacob Grollman. "His back is literally up against the wall."

Surveillance video at the plaza captured the chaos that unfolded outside a hookah lounge the morning of May 18. 

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"The brothers, they were walking in the direction of Mr. Brookins, where he produced a firearm," said Detective Dwight Mattis of the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. "He leaned around that gentleman and started opening fire on the Battie brothers."

The detective said it appeared that neither brother had a gun at that moment, though deputies have said both of the brothers returned fire. Prosecutors added that Brookins acted guilty after the shooting.


"He did flee," the prosecutor said. "He did attempt to disable any electronic means of contacting him, be it electronically, by the phone or in social media. I mean, he went, he went offline, he went off the grid."

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However, the defense said deputies skimped on the investigation by not properly interviewing people to determine who fired first. 

"Mr. Brookins is only a danger to people that come at him with guns drawn, ready to kill him or his family," said Grollman, whose client was grazed by a bullet in the ear.

On top of his five previous felony convictions, though, Brookins also has a pending sex battery charge against a person under 18 years old. Officials also said he shouldn't have been carrying a gun at all that night. 

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"The court is not aware of any conditions of bail or release that I could grant that would protect the community from risk of physical harm," said Judge Dana Moss.

During the hearing, the court also heard testimony from witnesses that indicated that despite previous word that Brian Battie could move his hands, he may be paralyzed for the rest of his life. However, he's had several surgeries and is still in the ICU as of Friday. 


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