Supporters, protesters react in DC following Trump victory

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Supporters and protesters reacted to news of Donald Trump's presidential victory in different parts of the District.

At the White House, a group protesting Trump's victory tried to set fire to a campaign hat. "I feel like it’s not real at this point - you know," said a woman in the crowd that had gathered outside the Executive Mansion. "My parents are immigrants from Pakistan who came here and I love America. And I don’t know why this is happening because his campaign was built on racism and there is that much of America who supports."

Outside of the new Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, supporters of Hillary Clinton gathered in the rain. "Yes, Donald Trump is the new president-elect but that does not mean he represents us or that our issues do not matter," said Ryan, a student protestor. He said he had hoped to one day work in D.C. politics but has changed his mind in the aftermath of the election.

A Trump supporter outside of the hotel said he wanted to take photos in front of the building to mark the occasion. "I'm just incredibly pleased that Donald Trump was elected president tonight," the man said. Another supporter said he knew Trump would win some of the battleground states but other victories came as a surprise.

At the Newseum, the headlines on the morning papers had yet to be changed by 6 a.m. Many were printed before word of Trump’s victory. "I guess it is what it is," said a man we spoke with who said he hadn’t heard the news.