Supermoon Pink Moon to appear big and bright in the evening sky in April — here’s how to watch

Calling all stargazers: A Pink Moon — and the first supermoon of the year — will appear big and bright in the sky this month.

This Pink Moon will be the first of two supermoons in 2021. A supermoon refers to a new or full moon that is at its closest approach to Earth in its orbit. This means it may appear up to 30 percent brighter and up to 14 percent bigger than other full moons in a year.

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However, before you get your hopes up, this doesn’t mean this full moon will appear pink in color.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it is named a Pink Moon after the herb moss pink. The plant is native to the eastern United States and is one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring.

Instead, the moon will take on a golden hue, accord to the almanac.

How to see the supermoon

To catch a glimpse of the spectacular event, the full moon can be viewed on the evening of Monday, April 26.

The moon will be visible after sunset and reach peak illumination at 11:33 p.m. EDT.

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"For the best view of this lovely spring Moon, find an open area and watch as the Moon rises just above the horizon," the Farmers Almanac noted.

But, don’t worry. If you won’t be able to see the moon at its peak on Monday, it will appear full for about three days around this time, from Sunday night through Wednesday morning.

Get ready for an unbelievable and beautiful sight to behold!

The second supermoon of the year will occur on May 26.