SunPass customers can't access their accounts

Thousands of SunPass accounts aren't up to date, but hte company says you will still be expected to pay. 

Whether you are driving the turnpike or are along the 528, life without a SunPass would be a lot slower. The company's website and app are now slowing drivers down too. It has been a week since SunPass upgraded their website and that site finally back up and working. 

The site, however, is still having problems, as many customers cannot access their accounts to see what they owe. An email went out to local customers on Monday saying that the high volume of customers trying to access the system once it came back online was more than expected.

An official for SunPass said that the website and accounts are being worked on currently. They did not have a timeline though for when the work would be done. Customers who cannot view or pay their bill online can call the toll free number to pay their accounts.