Study: Tickets to Disney World could cost more than double by 2031

If you think a single-day ticket to Walt Disney World now is steep, just wait for what they’re projected to be 10 years from now. 

According to an online study by Koala, a company that helps connect travelers to timeshare rentals, a ticket to Disney will cost a guest $253.20 in the year 2031. 

That an increase of 7134.29%, according to Koala.

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As an average price increase of 7.4% each year has brought the cost up to par with the West Coast original, tickets now cost $124," the company explained. "Following this trajectory, 2031 could see a Disney trip to Florida costing $253.20, making it the most expensive Disney resort in the world."

The company states that Disney World’s single-day ticket price was just $3.50 when it first opened in 1971. Since then, it says prices to the Florida destination have risen the most out of any other Disney theme park globally.

As for Disneyland Resort in California, Koala predicts that a ticket will cost guests $223.96 in 2031, up from the current price of $124. An original single-day ticket cost $2.50 on Disneyland’s opening day in 1955. 

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