Study: Floridians dream about alligators more than anything else

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A new study reveals what Floridians dream about most – and it's kind of scary!

According to the website My Vision, alligators tend to star in a lot of Floridians' dreams! It found this out by using Google search data.

Nationwide, the site says the top 10 most common dream that causes people to fire up Google are: 

1. Losing teeth

2. Snakes

3. Horses

4. Love interest

5. Being pregnant

6. Spiders

7. An ex

8. Tornadoes

9. Cats 

10. Cheating partner

The study also broke down the most common dreams for people living in major cities. In Orlando, residents tend to dream about a cheating partner more than anything else.

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My Vision says dreams are a personal and unique experience, but that doesn’t mean certain themes can’t be shared by the masses. 

"Perhaps recent statewide events are influencing people’s subconscious, or maybe there’s just something in the water. Whatever the explanation, there are certain regional trends when it comes to dreams."

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