Stretch of 17-92 floods, city working on solution

The rain hitting Central Florida is causing a big mess on the roads, which could mean more flooding on 17-92 at the Maitland and Winter Park line.

This road in particular has seen some major flooding in the past couple of weeks, especially on Sunday. Weekend storms stranded drivers here and one driver even needed to be rescued. Traffic was forced to go around for hours and crews had to wait for the waters to recede before they could start to clean up the roadway.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) says that the City of Maitland is trying to work on a drainage improvement project. They actually purposely blocked off one of the drains on 17-92 in hopes that the pumps installed would keep working. However, on Sunday, this was not the case when one of those pumps failed.

FDOT went on to say that the City of Maitland should be working on the issue Monday.

The City of Maitland released a report, stating that the city has been working for several years to make improvements to a drainage ditch along Monroe Avenue, especially as massive amounts of stormwater flood into U.S. 17-92.

They went on to say that the site will be monitored constantly for weather and pump issues until the permanent drainage pipes are able ot be installed.