Stray dog injured in possible gator attack

A good Samaritan is being praised for their quick thinking in saving a dog's life after an alligator attack in Lake Worth Beach.

Veterinarian Dr. Victoria Koehler described the injury as "one of the worst" that she’s  ever seen. Officials with the Brady Hunter Foundation said a good Samaritan found the dog, that they’ve now named "Brady," near a canal last Friday. Veterinarians believe he had been suffering for several days before he was found.

"The wound had been there for quite some time and the tissue was dead, with bones exposed," said Dr. Koehler.

"Furry Friends" stepped in to provide immediate care. Then, the folks over at the Brady Hunter Foundation  pledged $5,000 to cover part of his surgical expenses.
Brady has a long road to recovery, including treatment for tetanus and regaining his strength. Dr. Koehler mentioned, "He is by no means out of the woods just yet."