Stray bullet hits child in eye, police search for suspects

Orlando Police are searching for the suspects who shot into a building and injured several people, including a child.

Sarail Perez says her sister's 10-year-old grandson was laying in bed on Saturday evening, when a bullet suddenly went through the window here at the Pacifico Place Apartments.

Police say the child, Victor Hernandez, was hit in the eye by someone he didn't know. 

"I take one towel and put it on ice," Perez said. "I hold the ice, don't take it out because there's a lot of bleeding and everything."

According to officers, it started after several people were fighting in the parking lot. That's when shots were fired into the building and the suspects drove off.

Police released a picture of a silver crossover vehicle and red SUV hoping to  locate the suspects. 

Perez says it took her family by surprise, "The bullet go inside, the bullet go over there and make a hole." 

Perez says after the bullet hit the boy, it traveled to the next room, went through a box and across the way into another wall. She says luckily no one was sleeping in the room.

She says her great nephew is recovering in the hospital.

"He had two operations because the bullet went inside the eye," she said.
According to investigators, the hospital later told them that three others were hit with non-life threatening injuries.

According to police, one of the victims refuses to cooperate. 

Meanwhile, Perez says she's nervous about staying there.

"I'm moving," she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Orlando Police Department.