Story of lost 18 ft. banana has heartwarming ending

Orlando artist Justin Skipper aka SKIP is seeing the fruits of his labor. That labor being finding his lost 18 foot cardboard banana after it was lost last week. 

SKIP told FOX 35 he was transporting the giant banana in the back of a pickup truck when in true Central Florida fashion it began to rain. 

SKIP took the banana to a covered pavilion at Wadeview Community Center to keep it dry and waited for the rain to calm down. After some time he says the wet weather just wouldn’t let up and he had to go to work. 

SKIP says he decided to leave the banana and come back for it after his shift but when he returned it was nowhere to be found.  

The artist in distress took to social media in an attempt to locate the giant yellow sculpture that was part of a local art show just days before. 

FOX 35 aired the story and asked viewers to stay peeled.  Viewer Eva Childress says she recognized the missing item immediately; because it was sitting in her front yard. 

Childress said she spotted the banana in the parking lot of the Community Center and didn’t see anyone claim it after some time. She says her son was having a “Minion” themed birthday and thought the giant banana would be the perfect centerpiece. 

Childress lugged the 30 pound piece to their home and wrote “Happy Birthday Isaac” across the peel. 

Once FOX 35’s story aired, Childress contacted SKIP and they setup a time to meet. 

With gratitude SKIP gave the family some framed photos of the display and the Orlando Science Center offered free tickets to see the banana when it will be featured in another art installment later this year. 

Over all this was a very sweet ending.