Storm chaser invites FOX 35 Storm Team along for the ride

While most people look to avoid severe weather, 21-year-old storm chaser Logan Parham actively seeks it out.

"This road right back here in 2019 I intercepted a tornado right there at that intersection," said Logan, who credits his love for weather to summer storms in Florida. As a kid, he’d watch every storm out his window.

We met Logan in a familiar chasing spot not far from his home base in central St. Johns County. It didn't take long for storms to begin firing up as lightning interrupted our interview outside. Clearly, it was time to hit the road for the chase.

Logan drives a custom-built 2005 Chrysler 300 SRT. He’s driven just about every storm in it—even with no working A/C. For him, all that matters is the chase. "Everyone sweats," said Logan, "as long as you are doing something you love."

On a busy summer afternoon, there was a lot of action on the radar. As we chased, I asked him what he was seeing on the radar.


"So right now we had these cells blow up to the north," he said, "they are going to continue to run up the coast, but right here we're getting more of an organized line. You see a lot of convergence happening."

Logan said chasing severe weather in Florida has its challenges. "Everything you are seeing in Florida is pretty much trees. And like I touched on earlier, you have to really find those spots. The storms aren't always going to be by a big body of water like a river or an ocean."

As you would expect, Logan's hobby certainly worries his mom at times. "She’s like, I'll get you for that one, you're scaring me. I'm here at home wondering what's going on." 

Overall, he says he gets great support from both parents and they are happy he has a passion for something. That support has allowed Logan to continue doing what he loves.

"I've made no money in this entire time I've been out here chasing," said Logan. "I don't regret it. I don't regret it at all. It's perfectly fine."

It’s Logan's passion that will keep him chasing for years to come. "There's a new generation coming, and I'd definitely love to be a part of that."